Fees & Terms

Membership Fees

  • Fees are paid quarterly
  • Joining Fee is $200 which includes first quarter
  • Future quarterly fees $150

(Note – Funds raised are used for promotion of the group. Funds from membership and events go to paying for website maintenance and direct running costs and we donate to charity when possible.)

Networking Brisbane Terms

This is just a brief list of features of the club and how it is run. If you have more questions please contact us.

  • Meetings held every week so that you can give and receive timely referrals. A break is taken over Christmas. Exact dates to be decided by members each year.
  • Meetings run by and for members with the main purpose being networking for referrals. We have a Leadership team which consists three permanent directors and there is three changeovers per year of Chairperson and Assistant Chairperson positions.
  • Membership is limited to only one person per Business category (eg. Only one real estate agent per chapter, one accountant, one photographer etc.) This ensures no competition within the group.
  • The meeting time is one hour and 15 minutes (75 minutes). From 7.15 – 8.30am.
  • Members are required to attend the weekly meetings. A member may have no more than six consecutive absences and no more than 12 absences across a financial year without prior approval of the management committee.
  • Your business is promoted at each meeting. Each Member gives one or two 30 second promotionals, one at the beginning and one at the end of each meeting. Members are also scheduled, on a rotational basis, to give an in-depth, 10 minute presentation atleast once a year. Your presentation could be 7 minutes of talking and 3 minutes for questions.
  • You pay for your own breakfast directly to the establishment at which meetings are held.
  • You can join as a business owner or employee of a business.
  • We regularly hold social functions, potentially they can be held on site at a member’s business premises but it is not required.
  • Fees are to be paid quarterly and within 30 days of invoice.
  • Members must act professionally at all times.
  • Members are to take into consideration email and online etiquette.
  • Mobile phones should be on silent during meetings
  • Members are to act with the following values in mind: professionalism, ethics, integrity, honesty, sociable, enthusiasm and supportive. Members are not only representing themselves but the club as a whole and their fellow members businesses.
  • Members should be willing to help with organizing events and the general running of the meetings. All members get an opportunity to act as Chairperson or assistant chairperson.

Member agreement available upon request.